Environment Designer Wanted
We are looking for a world designer for Market Tycoon you can find it on steam here

What we are looking for is for someone to design the environment for the market to take place on. Using Unity 5. Currently, the game has 2 environments a that I can't really classify, wanted environments for example, a market in a mall or in a gas station on Highway. If you have any ideas your most welcome.

If you are interested you can have more information by contacting us through our email or from the contact us page from our website

We will discuss pay by email, I'm willing to pay per used environment.

Here are examples of what the game currently has, the blank black spot is where the market is placed:

We are using Unity Game Engine.

To make things clear and easy here are steps that you can follow:

1- Make sure you take a look at the steam game page linked above to have a feel of the graphics of the game.

2- Take a look at the 2 images examples.

3- Contact us through email if you want more information.

4- Show some of your work or create a very simple scratch of an environment so we could have a taste of your work. (We need to make sure that the environment you create match with the game. Graphics wise)

5- From here we make final agreement and environment decisions.

Best of luck,
We are looking for environment designer to work on Market Tycoon
Market Tycoon Release
Finally, after 11 months in development, Market Tycoon is ready to be shared with the public. Now remember, this is an Early Access there is still more to come to Market Tycoon, expect few bugs but from our testing the game is running smoothly, if you found any bugs please report them on our website. here is the steam store page for Market Tycoon 
Market Tycoon going live
Market Tycoon Early Access
The development of Market Tycoon has been going great, but it can be more than what we had hoped for it to be. Thanks to your suggestions and ideas we can make Market Tycoon more fun and engaging but that would take too long. And since we are so excited for the community to try out Market Tycoon we decided to launch as an Early Access. In hopes to fully develop Market Tycoon to the ultimate Market simulation game.
Market Tycoon going Early Access
Market Tycoon Greenlit
Wow, Thank you for your support we didn't expect to be Greenlit this fast. Just 1 Week!!

Stay tuned as we get ready for a closed Beta release and how to sign up for it.
Market Tycoon coming to steam
New Trailer
We've just launched a new trailer for Market Tycoon 

Check it out by clickeing here , Vote for Market Tycoon on Steam Greenlight  here
Market Tycoon trailer 2
Steam Geenlight campaign
We finally have something to show off, We hope you like our first game Market Tycoon
Vote now on Steam Greenlight: Market Tycoon Greenlight Page
Greenlight campaign Lunch
New website design
We hope you like the new dark themed website, Remember to follow us on twitter for the latest news.
Dark theme
Market Tycoon 3D Modeler
Welcome Francis to ProtectionGames, Francis will be doing the 3D models of Market Tycoon. More about Francis here ​ 
Francis the 3D modeler
Site Launch
We are happy to announce that we have finally launched our web site , In here you will always be up-to-date with the development of our games and everything you might want to know about us.
We finnaly have a web site
For the latest and Up-To-Date news follow our Twitter account