Hacker's Life is an upcoming game planned to be released in 2025 Hacker's Life is a game where you take the seat of a hacker, infect devices all over the world with malware, and join a hacker group to pull off bigger attacks. See your malware take control of the world and become famous for your hacking skills, but be careful not to get busted.

What is hACKER'S lIFE?

Hacker's Life is a game where you become a hacker and make your own malware. You can infect devices all over the world and join forces with other hackers to launch bigger attacks. See your malware spread and your fame grow, but be careful not to get caught by the authorities.

hACKER'S lIFE Trailer


Hacker's Life Features

Dark Store

Dark store: an online market for hackers. Buy or sell malware and user data. But beware, it's a dangerous place with no trust.

Hacker Groups

Join a hacker crew and launch epic attacks on targets like the power grid, cloud storage, or communication networks. It's a thrill to wreak havoc with your mates, but be careful, this is serious business. Follow the rules and do your share or face the consequences.


Create and customize your own malware. Choose the target device, the malware type, and the effects. Add special abilities for more fun and chaos. See how much damage you can do with your malware.

Collect Victims Data

Use victims' data for profit or hacking. Sell on Dark Store or access their secrets. How far will you go in this cybercrime adventure?

Skill Up

Skill Up website has courses to boost your hacking skills. Learn new malware types, new target devices, or new abilities to add to your malware. Create the most destructive malware ever and be the best hacker in the world!