Market Tycoon

Market Tycoon is a Tycoon game where you Grow your Market from a small Mini Market all the way up to a Hyper Market. Manage, create, and customize your market from wall paint to placing cashiers, shelves, and fridges.

What is Market Tycoon?

Market Tycoon is a Tycoon game under development by Protection Games. Released on Steam Early Access. Grow your Market from a small Mini Market all the way up to a Hyper Market. Manage, Create and customize your Market from wall paint to placing Cashiers, Shelves, and Fridges. Stock items of your choosing and even get the satisfaction of making discounts.

Market Tycoon Trailer


Market Tycoon Facts

Money Management

Rent, electricity costs, and employee salaries have an effect on your financial status. Every market has a different rent and electricity cost so be careful you don't want to go bankrupt.

154 Different items + Steam Workshop

A wide range of items to put in your market. From fruits and vegetables all the way to supplies like tissue and soap.

And with the introduction of Steam Workshop, the possibilities are endless. Just head over to Steam Workshop for Market Tycoon page and download all kinds of items


Whether your Market is in the city center, a mall, or a small market on a gas station, every environment has its attributes from electricity cost to population density.

Dynamic Item Removal

Every Item on shelves gets removed one by one when an AI character actually takes it, which gives a high sense of realism in the game.

Item Expiry Date

Food items have an expiry date, which means if an item stays on shelves for too long it will get spoiled and removed, just like in real life.

Manage employees

Have a feeling of a boss by hiring cashiers and stocking employees or firing them to cut costs. Every employee has a different speed and salary so choose wisely.